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2012 - It's all about improving our service - 1st Jan 2012

2012 - It's all about improving our service Recently we wrote in one of our newsletters about the ‘cowboy property managers’ giving our industry a bad name (9th of August 2011 – Would all of the cowboys please leave the building). At the time of writing the article we thought that we were doing a pretty good job of providing the very best service we could to our Landlords and also to our tenants. The article did give us cause for reflection however and there’s nothing like the old adage – ‘you can always do better if you really try’.

Just before Christmas Jeanette and I travelled to Melbourne and meet with the owner of a large property management company in order to discuss Australasian ‘best practice’ property management. The company we meet with are an award winning property management company, using the same computerised systems as us. During our discussions we discovered that they reimburse rents to their Landlords twice monthly instead of monthly as we were doing at that time. The reason, they said was that it “offered better cash-flow for their Landlords and helped with the Landlords peace of mind by reducing the amount of rental income tied up in the property management trust account”. We thought that their reasoning was sound and decided to institute the same process at the start of the New Year. As a result, from now on we will reconcile and pay all of our landlords twice monthly (mid-month and end of month) instead of at the end of the each month.

We understand that the Otago Property Investors association intend writing an article about property managers. They are asking for feedback from their landlord members with good and bad property manager experiences. What we are doing well and what improvements in the service we offer you would like to see. If you feel so inclined please send some feedback especially if you are happy with the service we offer you as a landlord. Comments can be emailed to:

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