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What can $450 rent get you in NZ? - 13th May 2014

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When deciding where to live in New Zealand, there are many things to weigh up - employment and family are high on the list.

But taking all that out of the equation, Campbell Live wanted to see just how much rental properties vary from place to place.

With a rent of $450 a week, Campbell Live sent out reporters around the country to see what was available.

Auckland has some of the most well-known, picturesque and sought-after suburbs in country, with the Department of Building and Housing saying market rent for a two-bedroom house is exactly $450 per week.

So what do you get for $450 if you're looking to rent in Kingsland?

Reporter Lachlan Forysth was able to find a house for rent worth $450 a week which included a main bedroom, a much smaller second bedroom, lounge and kitchen area, compact bathroom and then a small courtyard out back.

The house was not big, but it was in the central city.

The suburb of Avondale is effectively the start of west Auckland, so working in the city takes a bit longer to commute, but $450 in rent can go much further.

Lachlan was able to find a house with three bedrooms, a tidy kitchen, a good-sized lounge, nice bathroom and a decent section.

Reporter Whena Owen found that $450 a week in central Wellington will get you an apartment with two bedrooms, a bathroom, car park and no balcony, but it's only two minutes' walk to the CBD.

Christchurch-based reporter Jendy Harper was able to find a house for $450 rent near Hagley Park. Three bedrooms, central city location, and importantly - fully furnished.

Further out, 30 minutes north of Christchurch in the town of Rangiora, Jendy was able to find a house with real character and a beautiful large garden.

Inside it not only has three bedrooms, but a nicely fitted-out bathroom, conservatory and kitchen, an overall enormous living space.

Down in Dunedin, reporter Anna Burns-Francis searched in the suburb of St Kilda, which is close to good schools, shops and a beach.

She was able to find a house for rent for $450 a week with three bedrooms, a garage, two bathrooms, two lounges and a study.

However as Whena Owen has found, perhaps for $450 you can rent the good life in Masterton.

Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, an office, three big living areas, an office, a workshop outside, all set on one-and-a-half acres. There's even an established vegetable garden.

The massive house that Whena was able to find is a world away from the little house in Kingsland.

Depending on where you live, $450 a week is the difference between a house and a homestead.

- Campbell Live, 27 March 2014

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