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Property Management Information for Landlords and Investors

We Guarantee Property Owners their Rent

We are proud of the fact that we are the only Property Management company in Dunedin we know of offering landlords a ‘GUARANTEED RENT.’ That means that if during a tenancy that we have set-up and there are rental arrears (for whatever reason) we will pay the rent for a specified period and re-let the property at no cost to the owner. You have to be confident of your ability in order to do that …we are and that’s why we can! We call that a guarantee, our property owners call it ‘peace of mind’.

Charges: Yes we charge for the excellent service we provide. You wouldn't expect much in return if we did it for free? Some owners prefer to try managing their rental property themselves. To them we say 'good luck' and if you want any help or advice along the way or maybe a rental appraisal then we are happy to oblige. Remember - it's very unlikely that the time and effort you personally put into managing your rental property will be tax deductible. With our help it almost certainly will be.

Rental Appraisal of Your Property

We offer a rental analysis service. A rental analysis provides detailed information on comparable rentals in your area. We research homes currently on the market for rent, homes which have rented, homes withdrawn from the market and expired rental listings. Unique characteristics of a property, current economic conditions and other factors will be considered to help determine the appropriate rental price. The rental appraisal of your property will be provided in a written report and costs $120 + GST. This fee is waived if Propertyscouts is managing your rental property.

Tenant Screening

We qualify tenant applicants based on extensive financial checks (including previous rental history where applicable) and personal reference checks.  We pay to use upto date background software to do every possible check on any application.

The Tenancy Agreement

Once the property manager and owner approves a tenant application, we meet with the tenant to review the tenancy agreement, explain our procedures and answer any questions the tenant may have. We confirm the tenancy information, rent amount (paid in advance), and initial term of the lease and bond payment. We explain our inspections policy and our requirements for ensuring that the property remains in a good state of repair during the period of the tenancy. We review our cleaning guide and any special conditions pertinent to individual properties.

Property Inspections

A thorough inspection is completed prior to the tenant commencing occupancy. This documents the condition of the property at the time of move-in and includes a photographic record. A follow-up routine inspection is completed approximately one month after the tenancy commences (provided everything is going well we normally reward the tenant with a small gift at this time) and then at three or six monthly intervals as deemed necessary. At the end of the tenancy, a leaving inspection will be completed before any bond is refunded. Any damage in excess of normal wear and tear will result in a deduction from the tenant's bond. There is no charge for entry and exit inspections. Routine inspections are charged at $49 + GST.

Owner Payment and Statements

Property owners are paid mid month and at the end of each calendar month. Payments are made based on all rents received, less our management fee and any invoices paid by Propertyscouts on behalf of owners. In addition to rental proceeds, you will receive a monthly statement itemising rental income and any deductions or expenses. Along with your statement, you will receive a copy of invoices for any work completed on your property. Annually, you will receive a comprehensive financial year-end statement for tax purposes.

Property Repairs and Maintenance

Propertyscouts Property Management use reliable and experienced maintenance staff for every home repair you may experience. All tenant maintenance requests are fully reviewed by us before any work is authorised. Before authorising repairs expected to exceed $400 we will contact the owner for approval.

Property Management Fees

Property owners are not required to pay any funds up-front. An administration fee (equal to one weeks rent) is retained from the first rent payment. The administration fee covers the cost of showing the property to potential tenants, credit checks and signing tenancy agreements. Propertyscouts charge a management fee of 8.9% + GST. We also offer promotional packages to ensure that property vacancies are kept to the minimum. If a tenant wishes to re-sign at the conclusion of a fixed term tenancy there is a tenancy agreement renewal fee of $105 + GST charged following the resigning.

Insurance for your rental property

Our preferred insurance supplier is Rothbury Insurance Brokers. They offer comprehensive policies at a competitive price. To get a quote, simply complete the Quotation Request form and email it to Tina Gillan.

You can find more about the services Rothbury's offer on their website.

Most New Zealand insurance companies now offer home insurance policies based on a 'sum insured'. This is the maximum amount your insurer will pay out should your house be badly damaged or destroyed. Previously, many insurers offered replacement value policies which meant they would pay to replace your house, no matter what the cost was. The new 'sum insured' approach means it's very important that you are confident the 'sum insured' amount stated on your policy is enough to cover a worst case scenario. To calculate what your sum insured should be, you can use this calculator which is endorsed by New Zealand's largest insurance supplier - IAG.

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